About Me

Beautiful effective design, client satisfaction, at a fair price.

That’s my promise to you. My mission is to help you create a website that reflects who you are and showcases your products and services– without paying high agency prices and by making the whole process as simple as possible.

I bring years of passion and experience in marketing, design & web development, and am excited to create your unique space online.

Why choose claire turner creative?

I’ve spent over 13 years building my design and web development skills and continue to learn as I go along because there’s always more to learn.

I also have a natural flair for design– working with text and images and colours to create strong layouts. And for organisation– bringing information together to create a simple, authentic, user-friendly website that will work for your business.

I really love what I do, and I believe that shows in my work. I especially love when my passion meets the passion of my clients– it makes for such a great collaboration!

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I’M PERSONABLE I take pride not only in my work but also in my ability to connect with my clients and make the design process easy and even enjoyable. I’ve been told I’m a great hand-holder :) I really listen and focus on making sure your website represents YOU– your personality, your needs, your style. I work intuitively to create a site authentic to you. I stick around too! Once your project is complete, our relationship continues. I will provide maintenance and security for your site. I’m also here to provide updates and add new pages or features as your business grows.
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I’M HONEST I charge fairly for my time and effort and aim to work within your budget. I want you to find your success online without paying high agency prices. I put my full effort into my work and do what I say I’ll do. Websites are truly a collaboration– we are working together to create an authentic expression of you and your business. That’s your greatest selling point!
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“Let the beauty we love be what we do.”

There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground– Rumi

My story

I have always loved aRt and DeSigN, and CoLouRs and WoRDs.

As a child, I dabbled in art and was a self-taught maker of all kinds of things. I took a couple of years of Fine Arts in college and did freelance graphics on the side. Years later after homeschooling my daughters, I went back to school to learn how to do graphics on computers. The course ended with a section on web design and I fell in love!

I created skylarking design in 2009 and quickly worked up to 40 clients. 2015 brought about a name change along with renewed energy and focus for the company as claire turner creative.

At the same time, I was also working for eachanoriginal design company as head designer and painter of gorgeous tile art magnets. Now in 2022, I am taking over the business and really looking forward to seeing where it takes me.

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What’s next?