Beauty and Wellness Websites

Beauty and Wellness websites usually include great visuals and content and an opportunity to be quite creative with design and layout and colours. The claire turner creative portfolio includes the following websites…

2 Apples a Day web design by claire turner creative in Kelowna


“Designing a website seemed to be such a daunting task for me, and held me back until I realized in working with Claire, how easy and fun it could be. Claire not only has an intuitive and insightful approach to presenting my business to fit my profile and personality, she is very creative, resourceful and very quick to understand and adapt to my needs. She interfaces effectively between the world of cyber informatics and the human/business appeal. It has been a real pleasure to work with Claire and I am very pleased with our creation.” … Zu Peters

Kelowna Nails web design by claire turner creative in Kelowna


Deborah wanted a site to really project her personal image which is very bright and funky. I work on a lot of “earthy” sites, so this was a great chance to go high-energy with rainbow zebra stripes!

We started out with a two-page site and then Deborah decided to opt for adding a third page to incorporate her fabulous photo gallery which showcases her work so well.

M-Power Massage therapy web design by claire turner creative in Kelowna


This site reflects the business it was designed for… a massage therapy practice with a focus on STRENGTH. This focus was achieved through the use of bold colour, bold fonts and simple, clear information. Evano recently added videos to his site.

“That looks amazing!! Wow! Evano is super impressed. As am I, but of course I already knew how awesomely creative you are :) Perfecto. Love it, you did an awesome job thank you.”Lisa Masini (Waterwise Design and Evano’s wife)

Orah Spa Salon web design by claire turner creative in Kelowna


“As someone who knows what I like when I see it, but who has a hard time creating and describing it, I knew it would be a challenge to create my website. I was put at ease immediately by Claire’s ability to take all my bits and pieces and create the mood I was looking for. I loved the fact that we were able to build on ideas together and that she was able to get my vision. The process of building a web site actually became my centre to really grasp what I wanted in my company and forced me to really think about and learn the personality I was creating within my business.” … Debi Nicoletti

Pain GPS web design by claire turner creative in Kelowna


I really enjoyed getting back into being a “graphic designer” with this site as I prepared business cards, posters and several slides for Terri-Lynn to use in her presentations.

The site has a lot of information to organise and make as easy for clients to access as possible. I also discovered a new cool plugin that allows me to link text to visual pop-ups for one of the program pages.

Think Change web design by claire turner creative in Kelowna


One of my earlier websites that started out as Brainwaves Hypnotherapy, but has gone through a name change as Joanne moved to a new city.

I love the simplicity of this site. Joanne challenged me to create a site that is neither too scientific nor too “airy fairy” for the subject matter. I think I nailed it:)