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Fresh Marketing Ideas by claire turner creative- bookshelf

Talk About VALUE Over Features
It used to be most important to list all your features to advertise your product or service. The problem with this is that it just puts you in the same box with every other company offering the same features.

Think outside of the box and tell customers what VALUE they will receive when they use your product or service. How will they feel?

My favourite example of this is an ad campaign for the Simple Bike. “Take a spin and feel like a kid again. There’s nothing like the simple pleasures of riding a bicycle.” Sure, the features mattered, but when I got on the bike and was instantly brought back to the childhood joy of riding my bike… that was what made the sale for me.

Use Your Story
Your story is what makes you unique and telling that story is what makes you memorable. It is how you are going to stand apart from your competitors. Look at big companies whose entire branding is based on their story.

Convince your customers that you live and breathe your story every day. Consistently tell your story and share your philosophy to stay in their minds and inspire them to share it with others.

Make Sure You Talk About The Why
Remember the passion, excitement and energy you had when you first started your business? What fuelled you? Where did that initial spark come from?

It was most likely for a big reason. Create a core message that will draw like-minded people to connect with you. Those are the people most likely to support you.

For example, if you started your business to solve a problem or an issue or to support a cause– use it to market yourself.My cause is bringing simplicity and beauty of design to the internet and I talk about it a lot. I also really want to help people market themselves, so I hope that comes across too.

Get Personal
It’s so much easier to talk to friends, so why not visualize your customers that way? Imagine them from head to toe… think about who they are,what they do, how they think, what they buy, why do they come to you?.

Now approach your marketing with this real person in mind and address all their concerns. What do they want to hear? Put yourself in their shoes and write your marketing messages as if you were talking to a close friend. Your words will come across as far more personal and will connect on a deeper level.

Get Real. Show the dirt if it’s part of what you do.
Have you noticed those sites that use the hot stock photo receptionist answering the phone, the immaculately clean stock photo handyman ready to come and fix your stairs etc? This is an attempt to come across as warm and friendly, but totally screams fake to me.

Customers today are looking for authenticity and honesty. Give it to them in your marketing. Show your process. Show your hard work.

If you dig deep into the heart and soul of your business to find those things that your competitors cannot replicate, you can use those things to engage your audience.

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