Retail Websites

Retail websites are a bit of a challenge. They require a bit more effort than most because you really can’t build one and then forget about it. You need to keep your customers informed– let them know about new products, seasonal products, specials and promotions… make sure they know you are still alive and well.

Common Thread Market web design by claire turner creative in Kelowna


Teres is super high energy and full of enthusiasm and has tons of ideas that she wants to explore and run with. The whole concept of Pop-up Shops is exciting and fresh and I absolutely love Teres’s passion for helping others live a Re-Claimed lifestyle.

There is lots more to come from Teres as she develops her business… and much more to come as she adds pages to her site.

eachanoriginal design company web design by claire turner creative in Kelowna 


I have wanted to re-do this site for a long time. The previous site was gorgeous, but very outdated and not very effective. I design and paint magnets for eachanoriginal when I am not designing websites and even after 14 years, I am still head over heels in love with our product. It was so fulfilling to create a site that truly reflects how gorgeous these magnets are. We still have a way to go… it’s a playground for me to make a really comprehensive site.

Just for Us web design by claire turner creative in Kelowna 


Barb’s customers tell her how they found her on the internet all the time, so Barb and I have fun updating her site every season, adding new photos and text to keep the site fresh and alive. This is so important in a retail business where customers want to know what you have in your store right now… not months ago.

This is an unusually bright site for me and I love how it reflects Barb’s personality– she chose the colours right from the start and I ran with it:)

Ted's Paperback web design by claire turner creative in Kelowna


Susan was a reluctant website owner. Her staff talked her into getting one and I think she still doesn’t really understand how $150 per year for hosting really is money well spent, but her staff have told me that the site has definitely brought new clients in to the store.

A super simple effective site that could be made more effective with monthly updates to keep customers coming back for updates.