The shift from “skylarking design” to “claire turner creative”

An ordinary Saturday afternoon at the end of August, 2014. I was running errands when out of the blue, strange shadows like tree roots appeared in my right eye. A few hours later, blood red streaks blurred my vision and by the early hours of the morning, I was in the ER with a vitreous haemorrhage.

90% of these cases clear up on their own over 2 to 6 weeks, so we waited. I was put on “almost” bedrest, slept sitting up, and waited as my eye slowly started to clear. At week 4, my retina detached and all I could see in my right eye was a huge black circle. Surgery in Vancouver followed by another month of “almost bed” rest left me in another very long waiting game. I was told that it would take 6 months post-surgery to know what vision I would be left with. At 4 months I was told that the vision in my right eye is 20/200. At 5 months, I was told that the vision in my left eye is a -2 (which it has been for about 25 years) and the vision in my right eye is a -450. Yes, -450.

After eye surgery, it’s common for a cataract to form and that affects vision. My new waiting game is another 4 to 6 months, after which hopefully I can get the cataract removed and see what my real vision is.

As an artist, losing half of my vision has been very difficult. It’s taken a good 6 months to get the hang of depth perception, to see straight lines with both of my eyes open, and not fall apart when I have to leave the familiar surroundings of my house. I have a large magnifying glass close by on my desk and I often wear an eye patch to see more clearly. I didn’t work for quite a long time. It was too frustrating.

But life goes on and eventually I had to think about my life and what I want to do with it. I love web design and I love helping people pursue their passions. Time for a re-design of my own. A shift from skylarking design to claire turner creative.

Claire Turner from claire turner creative- and secretary Loki

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