My Portfolio

One of the things that I love about my job is the diversity of my clients. I have learned so much creating sites for all kinds of businesses and amazing people– xeriscape gardening, French pastry and chocolates, reflexology, vermicomposting, Japanese ramen, plant nurseries, home construction, life coaching, interior design, fine art, health and beauty.

Here is a small selection of clients whom I’ve created sites for–

My very first client! Jyunya has allowed me to completely revamp his site 3 times now since 2009 and I absolutely love this latest version. I customised it to match his menu and it includes a fabulous selection of photos from his many ramen fans. We also worked on a Shopify store site to use to sell online Ramen kits, especially during covid. The site is fresh and bold– just like Wasabi Ramen!


Wasabi Ramen website by claire turner creative- home page
Wasabi Ramen website by claire turner creative- fan page

The Okanagan Xeriscape Association was also one of my first clients and got a major makeover in 2019. This site is my pride and joy. It’s huge! Over 30 pages of invaluable information for the Okanagan gardening community. The addition of Membership and Class Registration forms with connection to Paypal has greatly increased participation for OXA. The blog has also been a great addition to the website.


EACHANORIGINAL This website is for the handpainted art magnet business that I have been designing and painting for and am now taking over. It will be undergoing a makeover before the end of the year and will be an e-commerce adventure! Always good to have another tool under my belt. VISIT THE SITE
eachanoriginal website by claire turner creative
eachanoriginal fridge magnets website by claire turner creative

Another client who has been with me for several years. I did a major makeover on the site this year and added a customised Booking Enquiry Form which has saved hours of phone calls by gathering all the required information in advance of contacting each guest. The site is simple, clean and easy to navigate. 


Scenic View RV Site designed by claire turner creative
Scenic View RV Site designed by claire turner creative - review page