web design process

I make the web design process as simple as possible and specialise in hand-holding for those who need it. Building a website should be a collaboration between us, so I work closely with you to create your site and fill it with content.

Before we start working on your site, it helps if you have a few ideas about what you want–

  • Do you have domain names in mind? Write them down, but dont purchase yet. I can give you advice.
  • Do you have a logo that you love already? Do you want to build the site around that, or something else? Specific colours that you want to work with?
  • Have you checked out your competitors’ sites to see what they’re doing? Look at what they’re doing right as well as what you think their sites are lacking.
  • Do you have links to sites that you like the look or functionality of? It can also be useful to me to know what you don’t like about websites.

the web design process step by step–

  1. We get all the details down- domain name options, site objectives, the look, feel and image that you want to project, preferred colours, a rough draft for organising your content including possible page titles and navigation etc. This can be done in person or via phone and emails depending on what works best for you. Together, we will come up with an estimated cost of the website based on budget, size, features and content required.
  2. At this point, I will invoice you for one third to one half of the estimated website cost depending on our agreement.
  3. Next, you will purchase your domain name while I use all of the information you’ve given me to come up with a “mood board” to show you what I have in mind for your site. This may include website layout options or I may just start working directly on the site. Your input at this stage is crucial– I want you to love your website, so I will tweak the design until you’re happy.
  4. I now work with you to fill your site with effective content. I help you get the words just right, create eye-catching images and bring a fresh perspective to your project to make sure you aren’t missing something that may be obvious to you.
  5. Links to pages will be sent to you for final approval before your site is launched and then an invoice will be sent out for the balance due on the completed site..

web design process collage for claire turner creative