Website Design Inspiration

So where exactly do we start with your new website design?

Maybe you have a logo already and want to base your layout colours and design around that. Maybe you’ve seen another website that you love. Maybe there are certain colours and layouts that just make sense for the business that you’re in. Maybe you have no clue and want me to figure it out :)

So where do I start? I start with creating a mood board– a photoshop file where I collect all of our ideas for your site. I’ll add your logo, colour swatches, photo treatment ideas, fonts for page titles, headings and content text… anything that I can think of for your site design.

Sometimes these ideas come out of our initial meetings. Quite often, I have nothing more to go with than “I love navy blue and here’s a photo of a willow tree that I like.” So, I start googling. I start with taking a look at what your competitors are doing– to make your site stand out. I take into account your personality and the image you want to project through your site. I look at images that you have sent me. I look in my design morgue (a collection of images I keep for inspiration). I sometimes come across an idea from ad material or while reading a magazine (apologies for missing pages from numerous doctors’ offices!)

Once things have fallen into place and I feel I have a solid concept, I send you the completed mood board to get your input.

You can totally make your own mood board if you like. It doesn’t have to be in photoshop– use whatever program you like, or if you’re a pinner, set up a Pinterest board for your web design! Here are a few samples of mood boards that I’ve done for clients…  including myself:) Click to take a closer look.

Mission Medical Aesthetics moodboard for website design by claire turner creativeMettler Construction moodboard for website design by claire turner creativeclaire turner creative moodboard for website design by claire turner creative

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